Nearing the Crochet Finish Line

If you've been following this blog, you've heard me refer to The Great Knitting Slump of 2007-2008. I've had an epiphany where that's concerned!

I know (partially, at least) what killed my knitting mojo. First, you need to know that I generally have three projects going at once: One knit project that's kind of time-consuming; one knit project that gives nearly instant gratification like this; (you won't be able to see the link for this cool hat unless you're on Ravelry) and one crochet project. Now don't go running away right off the bat if you're a purist knitter and I've just used the "C" word! Keep an open mind, now :)

Anyway, I digress. A little over a year ago, I promised my daughter I would crochet her a specific something. There were a couple of problems. I had to design it myself, which I like, but it wasn't really something I felt terribly enthused about. Mind you--I WANTED to want to do it, see? But I really sorta didn't. I got as far as designing it and even making all my color charts. I bought the yarn. Actually, that's pretty much where the kiss of death began. I didn't like the yarn. But I'm frugal; I'm thrifty (cheap cheap cheap) and needed a crapload of this yarn. Also, it had to be in two colors I happen to specifically kind of loathe. It was this and this.

I was able to start this project, but early on I got sick to death of it. I'm the type of person who feels sorry for my UFOs and feel disloyal if I really take on a new NEW project (beyond the 3 as above) with a lonely UFO sitting around, and I really couldn't go on with this big crochet project, so I stalled out.

I really think that deciding to get on Ravelry and listening to my favorite knitting podcasts again jump-started things. After not touching this thing for almost a year, I've now reached the home stretch! Woot! I'll show it to you in the next couple of days after I bribe the one person in the house who can take a decent picture to do so. Decent pictures are not my forte, as you can see by looking around here. That's a subject for a whole other day. See yas!

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