Funky Acrylic and Buyer's Remorse

It happens every year, doesn't it? You can admit it; it's just us here now. You've knit for six months for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa and the holidays have finally come...and GONE. You resolve to lose weight, exercise more, and go on a yarn diet, too. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

One day last January while out and about, Determined to Not Buy Yarn, I bought this:

Red Heart Holiday

It was a sale. A SALE, okay? Immediate buyer's remorse set in. I was helpless against the force field of good yardage and the sale.I stashed it away, thinking I'd probably never use it, or would give it to a school for craft projects, maybe. It's kind of unwearable. It's scratchy to begin with, and then the addition of that gold or silver glitter-laden thread wrapping around the strand just makes it feel like steel wool.

I took it all out the other day and stared at it. I didn't even buy two skeins alike. Sigh. Did you do this, too? I'm working on a pattern we can knit to put some of this to good use. If you bought out the whole shelf of this last January, or something similar, don't lose hope. Come back in a few days, and maybe I'll have posted a free pattern that will help you justify that old purchase and sleep a little better. Plus, if you use up some of this yarn that's been taking up valuable stash space for almost a year, you know what that means, right? More stash space. Riiiiiiiiiight!!!!!

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Trillian said...

tree skirt!
that's what i'd make with it. or stockings. or a gnome