The Blue and Orange Monstrosity, Revealed

As God is my witness, I shall never crochet with navy and orange again in my life. You know how many miles of it passed through my hands to make this??

LBHS whole thing

That's probably a lie; I no doubt WILL crochet with navy and orange again in my life. I have two kids attending the same high school with the same hideous-beyond-belief school colors, and only one of them has a school the math. Let's just say I'll be taking an orange and blue hiatus for a while--at least till my sight returns to quasi-normal. This afghan is for my oldest daughter.

So the name of the school has the letters "LBHS." She's in the class of 2010, is into music, and know.... I heart her. Of COURSE I heart her!

LBHS flat

You can do this yourself. Get giant gobs of acrylic (gotta be washable! and cheap!) in your kid's school colors, graph out the letters and numbers you want, add in a few squares that apply personally to YOUR kid, and there you go. I made four strips 40 stitches wide with 5 squares each 40 rows high, per strip. Also, I carried the color not in use inside of the row so it sort of peeks through. In other words, in a square that's predominantly navy, the orange yarn is running all through each row, and vice versa. This makes it thicker and warmer. I used a size J hook because of this. I didn't want it to be stiff like wood. After all, an afghan should be kinda bendy, right? She's going to cover up with it, not surf on it.

I almost forgot to tell you about the most important part, and why it tortured me! You already know from a few posts ago that this has taken a ridiculously long time to make. What I didn't mention was that on the final strip, the one with the "2"/"CLASS OF"/"L" is that I made a horrible, insane mistake. I finished the entire strip only to realize I made it in the WRONG COLORS. Yeah. Everything that was blue should have been orange, and vice versa.

Okay. Okay. Okay. Breathe. Okay.

I maaaaaay or may NOT have uttered several swear words when I discovered it. All I really remember is the slight pinprick from the needle when they gave me the sedative, and someone saying something about removing all the knives from the house...;)

So there you have it: The Blue and Orange Monstrosity in all of it's cheapo acrylic glory.


OH!!!! Speaking of cheapo acrylic, I have something I'll have to remember to show you tomorrow. For now, I have to just bask in the fact that I'll probably never touch this afghan again. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Nice job on the afghan. I'm sure Julie loves it. Hard to believe she's now a junior in high school...