Laziest. Socks. Ever.

So one day last fall I was at a local flea market; it's an indoor venue with tons of essentially permanent booths set up by local vendors who sell their stuff on weekends. I was browsing around and found one that was an actual...yarn shop. You see, the lady who owned it had just closed her brick and mortar LYS. It was a store I'd always meant to stop by, but I never did get around to it, what with being a lazy procrastinator and all that. I was delighted to find her in the flea market, and I bought two skeins of S.R. Kertzer On Your Toes . I cast on the first sock pretty much right away and got past the heel and well into the foot when The Great Knitting Slump of 2007-08 AND Premature Second Sock Syndrome struck simultaneously. At that point, the unfinished sock, the ball of yarn and my size 2 DPNs went to live in my knitting basket.

Fast forward 11 months.

Picture 048


In keeping with maintaining my laziness where these socks are concerned, I didn't even bother trying to make them look like they matched. Normally, with self-striping/patterning yarn, I attempt to start sock #2 at the same place in the color sequence so the socks come out looking exactly the same. But I didn't do it for the Laziest. Socks. Ever. Did you notice they're also sans any sort of interesting stitch pattern whatsoever, too? Ultra-lazy. Yeah--and I didn't bother blocking them, either. However, I did have so much yarn left over that immediately upon grafting the toe of sock #2, I cast on and immediately finished these:

Picture 052

to attempt to assuage my guilt over taking almost a year to make one pair of socks, never mind The Unfinished Blue and Orange Monstrosity that has also been a UFO for almost a year.

By the way, I just finished that at midnight last night. Pictures coming soon! Probably not a year from now! :)

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