I'm Missing Out

I've spent a lot of time knitting and crocheting in my life. Haven't you? Since the dawn of the internet, online patterns, Ravelry, etc., the knitting world is at my fingertips, in its entirety! Hello? Dream come true!!!

However, with all the browsing, surfing, dreaming and drooling I do on a daily basis, I haven't made very many of the "wildfire" knits, as Jenny and Nicole on Stash and Burn call them. I'm talking about those wildly popular patterns like Clapotis, Monkey Socks, Branching Out, Irish Hiking Scarf, Wicked, Baby Surprise Jacket,etc. I made the Einstein Coat, but I used a yarn I got on ebay that nobody else will ever use. I always...do things so unconventionally.

I wonder why that is? Those are great patterns, and like I say--wildly popular. I do spend a lot of time designing my own stuff, but I have to start making sure I have lots of free time for personal sit-back-and-relax knitting. I'm going to head over to Ravelry and start queuing up some good, popular, tried-and-true patterns so I can be like the cool kids :)

By they way, remember when I posted yesterday about being flabbergasted that there were 7 pages of activity on my designs on Ravelry? Now it's up to 16. I love you, Ravelry. =)

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Susan said...

Well, I'm not one of the cool kids but I have made some of those patterns, most pre-Ravelry and I just made the Monkey Socks this summer. They were really fun to make so now I know why so many have been made.