Seth's Blanket

“Seth’s Blanket”


Do you know a baby for whom you want to knit something cute and useful? Try this blanket. The main body of the blanket is warm and squishy. The border is worked in the round with mitered corners, finishing off with a bright rolled edge. This one has the makings of becoming THE blankie a child will hold close and drag around for years! Personalize it by making it in the colors YOU choose, to match the nursery/gender of the special little one for whom you're knitting it.

Finished size: Approximately 36 inches square

Gauge: 19 stitches and 26 rows = 4 inches in stockinette stitch


Size 7 knitting needles, 29-inch and 40-inch circulars

Worsted weight yarn: 16 ounces color A, and 197 yards each of colors B and C

I used Lion Brand Pound of Love in Denim; Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Fisherman and Red Sprinkles; one skein of each.

Four stitch markers (one of a different color)


Note: For main body (blue center) of afghan, slip first stitch of each row as if to purl.

With Color A and 29-inch circular needle, cast on 132 stitches. Circular needle is used to accommodate large number of stitches; work back and forth in rows for main body of blanket.

Row 1: Slip 1, K across.

Row 2: Slip 1, K across.

Row 3: Slip 1, (K1, P1) to last stitch; K1.

Row 4: As row 3.

Repeat Row 1-4 47 more times.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 once.

Begin Border:

Do not cut color A. Pick up Color B.

Round 1 (RS): Kfb first st; K 130, Kfb last st; place marker. Do not turn. Along left edge, pick up 96 stitches, Kfb in first and last of these; place marker. Along cast-on edge, pick up and knit 132 stitches, Kfb in each of these. Place marker. Along right side edge, pick up and knit 96 stitches and Kfb in first and last of these. Place marker of another color to mark beginning of round and join.

Rnd 2: K around with color B, slipping markers.

Rnd 3: Drop color B. Pick up Color A. Kfb first stitch, (K across to stitch before marker, Kfb this stitch, slip marker, Kfb next st) around, ending with Kfb last stitch.

Rnd 4: K around with Color A, slipping markers.

Rnd 5: With Color B, K around increasing in stitches before and after each marker.

Rnd 6: With B, K around.

Rnd 7: With Color A, K around increasing in stitches before and after each marker.

Rnd 8: With A, K around.

Rnds 10-18: Continue as established, working two rows of each color and ending with two rows Color B. Cut color B.

Rnd 19: With Color A, knit around increasing in stitches before and after markers.

Rnd 20: Purl around, slipping markers.

Rnd 21: As Rnd 19.

Rnd 22: As Rnd 20.

Rnd 23: As Rnd 19.

Rnd 24: As Rnd 20.

Rnd 25: As Rnd 19.

Rnd 26: As Rnd 20.

Cut Color A.

Final Border: Attach Color C.

Rnd 1: With C, knit around increasing in each stitch before and after markers.

Rnd 2: With C, knit around.

Repeat Rnds 1 and 2 three more times. Bind off loosely.

Weave in ends.


Edge Detail


Corner Detail

This pattern is offered for personal, non-commercial use only. Items made from this pattern may not be sold without the express written consent of the author.
This pattern and the text and photos contained within, may not be copied or reproduced for any purpose other than personal use. Copyright 2008 Yvonne Senecal.

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