My Poor Blog

Oh, life! My poor blog feels like an orphan. Did you wonder if I just gave up knitting? Naaaaah! I could never! Did you think I won the lottery and ran off to some exotic island where I lounge around all day ordering drinks with umbrellas in them from cabana boys? I wish!

The truth is so much less glamorous. Like so many of you, the economic situation has forced me out of my little cave of comfort and sent me on getting myself educated for a different career, EVEN THOUGH I'M TOO OLD FOR THAT. knitting time has sort been robbed from me. I have projects in actual hibernation that I haven't even had time to say are in hibernation on my Ravelry page. Bleh!

In the meantime, the younger generation of my family has been shooting out new babies like Pez dispensers. I have put my foot down in protest of my current state of no knitting time, and did knit some stuff for the babies. Thanks to these same babies forcing my hand ( needles), I got the itch back. I mean, a life without knitting and minimal podcast-listening-time is not for me. Yeah--I have to get up earlier and stay up later, but damn it! I gotta knit!

Armed with my usual overdose of caffeine and a little bit of machine-washable yarn (because we know that new parents are not exactly overloaded with spare time to hand wash and dry clean their kids' clothes), I made a couple of baby outfits.

This one is for Logan, my great-nephew.

Cute, right? See the pants? I designed those and am in the process of writing the pattern, making all the sizes (there will be sizes from newborn to 4T) and sending them to the people who currently have babies in the sizes I've made, for modeling/photographing purposes. And of course, they keep the pants, duh.
Here's another size, with accompanying outfit. This set went to another great-nephew, Jackson:

While I was at it, I made him this matching blanket, which is a super-easy and lovely FREE pattern I found on Ravelry. It's the Heart Blankie designed by Sue Falcone. What a fun and fast knit! I will definitely make it again.

I used Bernat Softee Baby Solids and Marls for this, and for Logan's outfit above I used Bernat Baby Jacquards. The pattern for the pants is going to be written for Bernat Baby Jacquards, but just because if I have to knit eleventy billion pairs, they have to give me some visual interest along the way.

Other than that, I've been working on a new free pattern for something I'll show you really soon. another blog post 10 minutes from now. :)
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rosemarie said...

Love the new baby wear. Good grief lady , for someone who has no are a machine!!! Applause

Anonymous said...

I do most of my knitting on my train commute - at home I'll start playing with the computer, and there goes the time ....
Last year (this being a new one): a couple of shawls and several pairs of socks.

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