Purdy Purdy Socks

So, I did finish those socks, and here's the proof:


Wonderful, mindless, self-striping, socky goodness. These are mental health socks. Knitting these was like going on vacation. Who invented self-striping sock yarn? It's done with computers, right? Whatever...it's genius. It makes me grateful to be living in this day and age. We've come so far since we bought yarn in the grocery store. Don't believe me? It's true--it was right next to the sneakers in the olden days. Yes--you could buy SNEAKERS (not skateboard shoes, not running shoes, not tennis shoes, not basketball shoes, sigh) the same place you could buy food, including white sugar. We didn't even wear bike helmets to ride there, either, and lived to tell about it and grow up to knit purdy socks with super-cool-computer-generated-self-striping-superwash-even-though-it's-actual-wool yarn.

Oh, I almost forgot; they match:


They aren't different lengths; that's a positional thing or a camera thing or the person wearing them didn't pull them on evenly. You know why these pictures were taken indoors instead of out in the yard in the light of the lovely Florida sun like some of my other stuff? Because I think the neighbors are starting to talk. I might be turning into the neighborhood Crazy Lady. Well...they do see me out in the yard taking photographs of socks and stuff; for instance, Christmas stockings stuck to the sides of palm trees. Then they catch glimpses of me walking around the neighborhood with my mp3 player, giggling to myself as I listen to my podcasts. Oh my God--what if they can't see that I'm using earbuds??? What if all they see is this nutty chick walking along in the wrong sneakers not intended for walking but for maybe jogging or running (God forbid!), laughing her head off all alone walking around the streets? Could this be the reason I never get trick-or-treaters???? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... ;))

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