Well, here I am. I'm in Blogland, a place I never thought I would find myself. But then I figured if I want to share my knitting passion/obsession/addiction (my family has long since stopped listening) then this would be a good way.

I said there was a cat, and here she is. It does actually get cold here in the Hurricane State occasionally, and what self-respecting knitter's cat has no coat or earmuffs?
So. The title of my blog has to do with caffeine and knitting. I love my bean juice. I'm not into the fancypants coffee you have to pay twenty-gajillion bucks for. Nope. Gimme the hard stuff! I developed a taste for coffee back in the day before CDs and mp3s and hybrid cars and cell phones. My Dad used to make the coffee in a metal percolator (look it up in the dictionary, young 'uns) and stew that brew for about 45 minutes. Then you just simply had to chew and swallow it. I started pounding it down when I was about 14 and I haven't stopped since. If you invite me over and mention coffee, I'm there!
The other thing is the knitting, which started even before the coffee. I've been knitting so long that it wasn't even cool when I started. When I started knitting, you walked down to Ben Franklin on Main Street and got yourself a skein of 100% acrylic for 59 cents. There was no novelty yarn, no light-up needles, no Fun? Fur.
Now that knitting is the New Zen, I FINALLY fit in.

Despite the fact that I have comments enabled, in order to comment you have to actually click on the title of this (or any other) post. Sorry!

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